Behind the Scenes: Countdown to auditions

Behind the Scenes: Countdown to auditions

You’re a dancer, and a fan of The Nutcracker, but you’ve never performed in this iconic ballet. You know it would be an incredible experience, but you’ve wondered, “Can I do it?”

Well, you have about four months before September auditions to decide. Use the time to get yourself physically and mentally prepared.

Some things to know

  • The entire show comes together in roughly two months, from auditions to the first performance in early December
  • As a result, all rehearsals and meetings are mandatory. So that means a huge commitment from you and your family to be there when it’s required.
  • There are lots of roles to fill, and while not everyone gets to be Clara or the Rat King, each performer contributes to the overall story.

How to prepare for the audition

  • Continue your ballet studies this summer with special workshops, master classes, and regular training sessions to help hone your technique.
  • Take your classes seriously. Imagine that every one is an audition.
  • Learn to incorporate notes from instructors immediately, and take corrections in stride.
  • Work on picking up choreography quickly by challenging yourself in practice.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get your headshot. You’ll need that for the audition.
  • Stay healthy! Sure, it’s vacation time, but keep your eye on the prize: Eat well, get plenty of sleep, and build up your strength and flexibility.

Your mind matters, too

Auditioning can be scary, so learn to channel nerves into your dancing and bring that passion into the audition. You won’t be there to compare yourself to others – just be yourself, allow your talent to shine, and trust in your abilities.

When the time comes (keep an eye out for audition notices), walk confidently into the studio with no expectations, and with gratitude for the chance to show what you can do. Every audition is a learning experience in itself!