Audition and dancer information

Get ready for Nutcracker dance auditions!

September 9 and 16, 2023
Call 478.259.7881 to register

Frequently asked questions

A. All dancers auditioning must be currently enrolled in a dance school. The youngest roles [Jesters, Jack-in-the-Box, soldiers, Angels, Little Boys, Fritz, Cavalry, Mice, Maids, Heralds, Dragon] must be 8 years old as of September 1, 2023. For Little Girl, dancers must be 12 years old by September 1. For roles en pointe, dancers must be at least 13 and have pointe experience.

A. Unfortunately, because we have such an incredibly short time to prepare for production, we can’t allow absences or late arrivals for rehearsals, costume fittings, parent meetings and performances. If cast, you’ll be asked for your commitment to attend all required activities.

A. First, call The Jean Evans Weaver Center for Dance, 478-259-7881. We have two audition dates, and they are for specific roles, so you’ll need to see which date is the one for you. On audition day at the dance center at 117 Orange Street, Macon, check-in begins 30 minutes before your audition time. The registration fee for each dancer is $10.

A. Dancers should bring a 4×6 headshot (Girls wear hair in bun).

Dress: leotards and tights for girls; boys may wear shorts.

Shoes: Little Girl auditions and male dancers [Prince, Nutcracker or Harlequin] should wear flat ballet shoes. Female dancers [Clara, Columbine, Harlequin, Snow, Spanish, Chinese, Marzipan and Flowers] will be in pointe shoes.

A. In addition to your audition, many of the roles have very specific costume or performance requirements. Call us or look for the audition details when announced. Dancers with en pointe roles remain en pointe the entire audition, which is a master class.

Jesters: Must be able to do straight-leg cartwheel and split. Maximum height 4’8”

Jack-in-the-Box: Must be a gymnast

Soldiers: Dancers must be between 4’3” and 4’10”

Angels: Girls must be between 4’3” and 5’2”

Little Boys and Fritz: Boys must be between 4’3” and 5’5”

Cavalry: Dancers must be between 4’3” and 4’8”

Mice: Dancer must be between 3’10” and 4’4”

Maids: Girls must be between 5’1” and 5’6”

Heralds: Dancers must be between 5’ and 5’6”

Dragons: Dancers must be 5’ and up

Little Girl: Must be between 4’4” and 5’4” with dance experience

Adult roles [Judge and Frau Silberhaus, Young Lady, Young Soldier, Ladies, Gentlemen and Rats]

A. Everyone who auditions will receive an email with results. If you’re cast, you’ll know by NOON the next day (Sunday), and you must respond by email [] no later than 9 pm that day or the role will be recast.